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Guestbook for Ashlee Lingle
Dave you really make it so hard to choose what we want. You did such a fantastic job...I've done my first cut down to 15 lol. My dad and favorite aunt still have to see the pictures. I can"t tell you how happy I am that you called Cooks for a building move.
Grandpa Lingle/Cathy(non-registered)
You are a beautiful grandaughter and we are very proud of you. Our love and prayers for your happiness and well-being are with you always.

As your photographer stated, "...the camera likes you.". Yes!, indeed. Your beauty and personality shows in your photographs and we know your inner beauty which makes you so special. Congratulations!
Grandpa R.A. and Cathy
Great pictures Dave, i have sent the link to several people to check out the pictures. I cant wait to see the rest. Much better than I had hoped for...
Dave O'Melia Photographer
I enjoyed our shoot Ashlee.... the camera likes you!
Dave O'Melia
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